What’s the difference between lawyer and attorney?

A lawyer and attorney have often been considered to be the same. However, it is necessary to know that there’s a huge difference between the two. Anyone facing a family issue or dispute has often been advised to hire a law or attorney.

While these two are interchangeable terms, it is necessary to take proper care of it. If you know the process of hiring a lawyer and attorney you will know the exact difference. It is necessary to know the difference in the initial stages so that you can have a better idea of the legal representation. This will further play an important role in helping you save money in the future. If you know your legal representation you will be able to save time as well. 

What is the difference between lawyer and attorney?

If you still have no idea between lawyer and attorney, you need to take proper care. 

A lawyer has studied law and proper knowledge regarding the practices of law but has no license as per the body. The lawyer is well aware of the legal system but they may not be able to represent you in the court if they do not have a license. 

An attorney has not only cleared his examinations but also has a certificate of moral qualifications so that he can appear in the court and practice law. 

Shall I be using a lawyer? 

Before hiring someone to deal with your case, it is necessary to understand the sensitivity of it. A lawyer can be pretty helpful and do a number of tasks for you. 

Some of the common things your lawyer can help you with include

  • Resolving tax issues
  • Assisting the will and trust
  • Answer questions related with trust or will

Even if the lawyer hasn’t passed the exam, if they have the official certificate, they can provide you with all the resources. 

How can an attorney help me? 

An attorney can be helpful in the long run for different things. If you are dealing with family matters, you need someone who can help you with family laws. 

The Andrew Heft family lawyer and attorney can help you with different cases related to the family. But some of the prominent areas, your attorney can help you with include the following

  • Legal representation at court
  • Personal injury claim
  • Child custody, support, asset division and more

A licensed attorney will be able to represent your matters at the court. 

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