Guide on What is Contested Divorce

Contested divorce refers to a divorce where one or both parties are unable to come to terms on one or more issues. Due to the disagreement on these issues, the divorce proceedings have to take longer to finalize. The legal fees are more expensive as it takes more time for the lawyer to manage the case.

Most of the time, contested divorce involves argument on the major issues. You and your spouse are arguing over who is going to continue to pay the mortgage for the house, who will be taking care of the family pets, and who is going to pay for child support. Hiring an attorney is necessary since the couples cannot cooperate with trust as in uncontested divorce. Family law attorneys in Franklin will be able to listen to your side of the story on the contested matters and give his advice.

Contested divorce often creates anxiety and has an emotional toll on your life. You will feel bitter and difficult to get over your feelings. On the other hand, you are worried about what your spouse can do to you. With all these worries bugging you, it is just not sound for you to handle the divorce on your own. 

You can have faulty discretion on the matters due to being controlled by your feelings of anger and bitterness. A lawyer is a better candidate in handling these matters as he is not affected by the drama of the divorce. During a divorce, some of your friends may walk away and not do anything to help you. That is why it is good to have a lawyer whom you can rely on in this difficult time.

A contested divorce is the right thing to do if every conversation with your spouse ends up in screaming and beating. If you have a spouse like that, chances are he is also hiding some assets from you. It is up to you to hire a lawyer to find out about it. The lawyer can work with a private investigator to uncover these hidden assets and investment accounts. It will ensure that you get a fair share when the property and assets are divided during the divorce. 

A contested divorce is not an easy way to settle the divorce but it can provide security for the post married life. A contested divorce does not have to end up in a court trial. You can have it finalized through a settlement to make the process easier. Your lawyer can work with you in the give and take negotiations with your ex-spouse. For example, through a settlement, you can exchange the three family cars for keeping the family house.

Things can get even more complicated when more assets are involved. This is especially if you run a business with your spouse. The divorce process can take a long time to complete depending on the issues that are being argued. Most of the cases will end up in settlement at some point. Those that did not settle will go to trial. Taking a divorce case to trial is more complicated as you need to prepare evidence and witness testimony.

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