Choosing a Legal Firm to Represent you in Court – Keep The Following Factors in Mind

Winning a case takes more than a debate in court. 

  • It requires a thorough research of the claim before the case can be presented in front of the judge. 
  • It requires double checking the facts that have to be presented in the court as evidence.

Besides, winning a case requires a dedicated attorney who is well aware of all the clauses and conditions specific to the kind of case being handled. That’s because there are three basic kinds of cases – familysuits, trust suits, and estates suits. And, the conditions under every lawsuit differs. 

Having said that, let us take you through some factors that make lawyers at firms like Litvack Dessureault LLP better than others. Have a look and keep all these factors in mind when hiring a lawyer. 

Experience of the Lawyer 

An experienced attorney hired by elite legal firms holds a great deal of expertise in practicing cases in the court. The more the experience, the better the lawyer. Your choice should typically be legal firms that have represented and won cases in some of the most reputable Canadian courts like:

  • The Superior Court of Quebec. 
  • The Supreme Court of Canada.
  • The Quebec Court of Appeal

Intention of the Lawyer 

A lawyer that’s working towards the benefit of their client will never jump straight into the court (unless the case involves criminal intimidation or domestic violence). The first intention of a responsible attorney is to fetch a suitable negotiation for their client before the case can actually reach the court. A few reasons that experienced attorneys prefer out-of-court settlement are as follows. 

  • They save time. 
  • They turn out to be less expensive. 
  • They are less emotionally and mentally exhausting. 

Dedication of the Lawyer 

A responsible lawyer who is looking forward to winning a case will do rigorous research. They won’t rush through facts. Instead, they’ll spend a great deal of time studying the facts in order to collect strong proofs that can make the case very strong. 

Reputation of the Lawyer 

When a lawyer is professional, he/she will be more worried about their winning ratio than you. They have a reputation to maintain. Which is why they treat their clients right. In other words:

  • They will offer the best advice that will be in your favor.
  • They will keep you informed about the developments at every stage. 

Last thing to remember is, excellent lawyers have excellent communication skills. It’s their job to seek advantage, and for that they need to open the case with very strong statements. 

In a nutshell, your winning chances will depend on the lawyer you hire. So, choose a legal firm that holds a certain degree of trustworthy reputation. 

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