Divorce and Property Ownership

Divorce can be devastating, especially when you don’t have the right connection to a divorce attorney to advocate for you. Many questions are likely to be asked, and to solve them; you will need the services of a divorce attorney. At The Law Office of William D. Pruett, we have skilled attorneys to ensure you have a more straight forward divorce process.

Properties are central assists that couples accumulated together, but once divorce settles in, many questions are asked, like, ‘what about the house?’. Properties create an attachment with both the spouses’ and leaving can be tricky. In such scenarios, seeking the services of divorce attorney Weatherford TX is significant.

Personal attachment to a house is more to create a problem during the negotiations. Have a look at some better ways our attorney advice to settle property ownership in a divorce.

Sell The Properties

In some cases, neither spouse needs the property nor has the financial muscle to stay or maintain the properties. It is recommended to put the property up on sale and get the top price possible in such cases.

Sometimes this process seems difficult for spouses and proves hard finally when moving out of the property. But, most of the time, it is easier to have and split the cash from the sale than a property that is difficult to maintain or brings up memories of your divorce.

Property Buyout

A property buyout is often when an ex-spouses an exchange of money for the property when one has no interest in the house or property. A buyout most times occurs when the partner seeking child custody wants to remain with the home. There are many intricacies regarding a buyout, and this is where a divorce attorney Weatherford TX, will be vital in offering advice on how to go about the procedure.


Nevertheless, a buyout or sale is guaranteed to work during a divorce. For this purpose, it is best to think of co-ownership for a specific time. The predetermined time needs documentation, and an attorney will ensure every detail is looked at and considered in the copy.

Paramount importance from co-ownership is that both of you will now have a business kind of relationship from your properties. Both of you will agree best on how to use and share the proceeds from the co-ownership relationship, and lastly, both of you will still have an entitlement to your properties.

If you need help with your divorce case and how best to benefit from your jointly owned properties, we have the right attorneys at Willima D. Pruett law office to take you through your case. 

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