What Are The Roles And Responsibilities Of An Estate Attorney?

You must have heard of an estate attorney earlier. If you haven’t, keep reading to know what an estate attorneyis and what are the roles and responsibilities of an estate attorney.  An Car Accident Attorney is a lawyer who is going to help in passing your assets on to your next generation after your death.

They also help in planning for situations where you cannot care for yourself anymore. They make the wills and trusts for you according to your wish. An estate attorney can also help you in other ways such as planning how your business might succeed. 

An estate attorney is very different from an injury lawyer but if you live in Pittsburgh and are looking for one, you can find many experienced personal injury lawyer Pittsburgh

Roles And Responsibilities Of An Estate Attorney

An estate attorney has several other roles other than just drafting documents. Let’s have a look at the roles and responsibilities of an estate attorney if you hire one, shall we?

  • Well, this is what estate attorneys are famous for. An estate attorney is going to discuss and plan how your assets are going to be distributed after your death. They are responsible for keeping all the trust and wills up to date and will make the changes in the will if you ever feel the need to do so. If you have wills and trusts already prepared for you, your attorney’s job is to review them once again and tell you if any changes or updates are necessary.
  • An attorney is responsible for drafting your will and documents by the current state law as laws of probate and trust can change from time to time as they are state-specific.
  • An estate attorney’s job includes reviewing all your assets and making the necessary recommendation with retitling your accounts and assets as your will or trust does not cover all of your assets. The estate attorney makes sure that all your assets come under the estate plan with beneficiary changing designation. 
  • An estate attorney will give you suggestions and plans regarding your retirement, charity work, and insurance policies and options.
  • They also take legal action when any case goes to the probate court.

These are some of the roles of an estate attorney. They provide value in several ways that are beneficial for you if you hire one. 

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