8 Signs You Need a Social Security Disability Attorney

Nearly two million people file for Social Security disability benefits annually, but only around one-third of applications are approved.  

Have you suffered a serious injury at work? Are you not sure of your benefits and potential compensation eligibility?

If you’re in a situation like that, a Social Security disability attorney could help. Let’s take a look at when it might be time to contact one.  

Signs You Need a Disability Attorney 

The Social Security disability benefits application process is detailed. To submit a successful application, you’ll need to prove that your injuries are so severe that you cannot work. 

The Social Security Administration has different injury classifications. In addition, benefits are based on what a person has contributed via taxes, so it’s not always enough to cover bills and the cost of living. 

If you’re looking to obtain maximum benefits for your injuries and lost wages, a disability attorney can give you legal advice. 

Let’s look at some signs that could indicate you need to get in touch with someone. 

1. Lack of Medical Evidence 

To file a successful claim with the Social Security Administration for disability benefits, you need to have strong medical evidence, including official records, expert opinions, and other forms of proof you deserve compensation. 

2. Social Security Funds 

Paychecks can be confusing, and you may be unaware of what you’ve paid into Social Security, which means you may not know what you’re entitled to in terms of benefits. 

3. Social Security Impairment List 

The Social Security Administration has a specific list of impairments that benefits are based on, so you want to figure out how your injuries fit onto that list. 

4. Earnings vs. Potential Benefits

Unfortunately, determining what your injuries are worth in conjunction with what you’ve paid into Social Security isn’t always easy, especially if you make less than your potential benefits. 

5. Inability to Return to Work 

Your injuries could prevent you from returning to your previous place of employment, so you’ll want a disability lawyer to help you determine what your new capacity is for work. 

6. Inability to Work 

If your injuries are so severe that you are permanently disabled and unable to work any job, a legal representative can ensure you receive full benefits. 

7. Potential Claim Denial 

Filing a Social Security claim is challenging, as claims are regularly denied, but if you have a law firm helping you, you’ll be more likely to succeed.  

8. Filing an Appeal 

Unfortunately, social Security claims are often denied, so you’ll want to have an attorney by your side if you need to go through the complicated appeals process. 

If you’re still uncertain about whether you need a Social Security attorney, view these examples from Heard & Smith, LLC. You can also learn about hiring a lawyer.

Learn More About Your Rights 

State and federal laws regarding workers’ benefits can be confusing without a disability attorney. To learn more about what you may be entitled to and how to fight for what you deserve, take a look around our site. 

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