Personal Injury Lawyer Qualities To Look For

When you hire a personal injury lawyer, you want to find someone that will work very hard to win your case. The choice you make will influence the outcome of the case. Since you surely want to have the very best personal injury lawyers Michigan specialists in your corner, here are some characteristics you want to see in who you hire.

Precise Specialization

You need to find personal injury lawyers that are specifically specialized in the type of case you go through. While it is obvious that you would not hire a divorce attorney to deal with your injury case, we have to go even further when analyzing personal injury law.

There are different types of incidents that are covered by injury law. This includes traffic accidents, product liability, dog bites, premises liability, boat accidents, assaults, and much more. The attorney should be aware of the particularities of the case you have to deal with.

A Good Record

While not necessarily a quality for the lawyer you will hire, the injury attorney must have a proven record of very solid settlements. As with any other profession, there are differences between those offering services. Some injury lawyers are just better and this is clearly seen in this record of results.

You can find thousands of attorneys in one state alone. There are also law firms that take on numerous cases. This means they settle with little effort to simply move to another case. Consider this as being a red flag as the settlements will not be as high as they could be. In this case, clients only receive the minimal payouts.

Look for the attorney that offers personal care and attention, the personal injury lawyer that goes above and beyond to represent you.


The client is faced with a challenging and painful moment in life. There is some sort of accident that led to changing how day-to-day activities are handled. This is why the personal injury attorney needs to show empathy. He needs to translate this into words when discussing with you since this is exactly how it will be perceived during the actual case.

A personal injury attorney has to clearly articulate suffering and pain to adjusters, judges, jurors, and other attorneys. Always trust your instincts. When the attorney does come across as being distant, you just need to look for someone else.

You Only Pay When You Win The Case

Last but not least, you should only hire the personal injury attorneys that are paid based on the success of your case. When you are asked to pay for legal representation in a personal injury case, you have to look for someone else.

The best personal injury lawyers use the contingency fee model. This offers more drive for the attorney to actually win the case since there will be no payment when the case is lost.

As an extra related tip, be careful with tricky fee models and attorneys that do not clearly explain fees. For instance, some say there is no fee but do expect you to make payments for different expenses and expert witnesses.

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