When Should You Get A Lawyer After A Car Accident?

After an auto accident, you will surely have many questions running through your mind. You will think about the damages, the injuries, fault, pain, suffering, insurance companies, and so much more. As a result, you will surely think about hiring a car accident lawyer to help you deal with insurance claims, settlements, and even the legal aspect of everything. 

What has to be taken into account is that car accident lawyers work with a contingency fee when representing the injured party. This practically means that when you are injured and you want to file a personal injury claim, you do not have to pay them until the claim is successful. However, if you were the party at fault and you deserve yourself from a claim, you will most likely need to pay. This might influence your final decision. 

Besides the payment factor, you should also think about the following to figure out why hiring a car accident attorney should be done sooner rather than later. 

Full Knowledge Of Procedural Rules And The Law

Hiring the injury attorney means there is a professional that works for you, an individual that knows everything about procedural rules and laws that will affect the case. You can be advised of time limits, what evidence you need, and so much more. 

As an example, one thing many do not know is that there is a limit of 2 years for filing a lawsuit in most US states. In others, the time limit is 3 years. This might seem like a lot of time but when you are seriously injured, you need time to recover and there is a possibility you will miss the window. The attorney will make sure this does not happen. 

Attorneys Will Do All The Legwork

Much work is needed to negotiate insurance settlements and filing all the right paperwork. Also, after a car accident, if you are injured, you have to take care of your health. This means you might need to go to doctor’s appointments and you might be restricted in terms of how much you can move. 

While you recover from your injuries, the car accident attorney will take care of the entire legal aspect of your claim. They will gather evidence, medical bills, lost wage data, employment data, will talk to lawyers, and so much more. 

You Gain An Advocate

This is actually one of the most important reasons why you want to hire a car accident attorney. He will be your advocate and will only act in your best interests. Even when you are in court (if the lawsuit is a necessity), he will argue your case in front of the judge, the other attorneys, and the jury. This guarantees that your story is actually heard and you will gain compensation for the losses you suffered. 

The bottom line is that without the car accident attorney by your side, it is a certainty your case will suffer. You might end up gaining less than what you are entitled to and you might even end up losing so much more time than what would be necessary. 

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