Compensation as a victim of pedestrian accidents

A majority of accidents today occur as pedestrian accidents. Walking on the road brings a handful of risks of accidents and injury and makes pedestrians vulnerable to vehicles and mass transit traffic like buses and trains. The main reasons for the accidents are distracted drivers, improper turns at the intersection with crosswalks, drunken driving, improperly timed traffic and walk signals, etc. 

Why does one need an attorney and its charges?

There is no assistance of any attorney or anyone required while filing an insurance claim or claim for personal injury in civil court. It is a legal right of a person to represent himself in the civil court. However, more often than not, there is a better chance of winning the case if one has a skilled pedestrian injury lawyer on their side. 

There may be a doubt in the minds of the injured regarding the cost of legal representation, often the exorbitant hourly fees being the reason for failing to contact an attorney. At Johnston Law Firm, you get a good Portland pedestrian accident lawyer. Also, anyone can afford a lawyer as they charge on a contingency fee basis, which means that one doesn’t have to pay any fee or charge until the case has been won. If the case doesn’t prevail, then nothing has to be paid.

Ways of Helping the injured 

Portland Pedestrian accident lawyer supports by:

  • Investigation of case
  • Calculation of damages
  • Determining Liability
  • Negotiating your settlement
  • Preparing your case for court

 Recovering compensation of Pedestrian Injuries

Johnston Law Firm helps the recovery of Injured in the following means:

  • Recovery of the Loss of Expected future earnings/ Losses: a severe pedestrian accident can have a permanent effect on both your body and mind. It can disable you for a lifetime and can hinder your earnings. 
  • Pain and Suffering and Reimbursement of Medical expenses: Not just economic losses, but one has to go through a lot of physical pain resulting from an accident. Also, the medical bill due to a pedestrian accident can be very high. Johnston Law Firm believes that you deserve to be compensated for your medical expenses. 
  • Rehabilitation costs: After initial treatment, rehabilitation can be expensive too.
  • Long Term care/ Disability Cost: During serious medical accidents, one’s injuries may never completely heal and can require constant care for a long time. The astronomical bill should not be something that a family member or the patient has to pay for.

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