The Essential Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Disability Lawyer

3 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Social Security Disability Lawyer -  Vincent J. Criscuolo & Associates

This could be one of the most stressful periods of your life if you have a serious illness or injury that prevents you from working. Not only are you dealing with the pain, medical treatments, and tests but also worrying about how you will pay your bills. You may be eligible for compensation if you have disability coverage through your insurer or employer.

For many, however, it is difficult to qualify for this type of assistance. Having an experienced disability attorney can increase your chances of getting your claim approved.

A lawyer can speed up the process and increase your chances of getting your claim approved. They can also help you with appeals if you need to resubmit. It is crucial to choose the right lawyer. Before you call the first lawyer you see, it is crucial to take the time to research the best disability lawyer. Be sure to ask the following questions.


Are You a Specialist in Disability Law?

It can be difficult to understand disability law. Knowing how it works is essential for a successful case. While lawyers who specialize in one area of law may have the credentials and education to represent you in the courtroom, they often lack the experience necessary to assist clients in getting their claims approved. It is better to hire a disability attorney specialist than a generalist.

How Much Is Your Experience in Practicing Law?

Although it may not be the most important question, asking someone how many years they have spent practicing law can help you get a better idea about the person. The answer to this question will not necessarily tell you if they are a good lawyer. Some lawyers may not be as experienced as others, but they can still do a great job. You can win your case with a new lawyer and feel supported throughout the process.

However, being long-standing does not necessarily mean that they are the right fit for your needs. Someone who has been practicing for a long time may be stuck in their ways.


How Much Do You Charge?

This is one of the most important questions you should ask. You will probably be thinking about money. It is essential to know what the lawyer charges for their services. Do they charge a flat fee or an hourly rate? Is it a contingency fee?

After explaining how they charge their services, make sure you follow up with any remaining questions. It might be helpful to ask them about their contingency fees. To be sure you understand what you can expect, you might ask for a draft of the agreement.

You can find out more about the lawyer and the firm by asking how long they have been in business and how many years they have been handling appeals and disability claims.

Do You Think We Can Meet Up Before My Court Date?

It is not necessary to meet with your attorney before your court date. However, it is recommended to. It is a good idea to find another attorney to represent you if an attorney refuses to meet you face-to-face.

How High Is Your Win Rate?

If you are looking to verify the ethics of your potential lawyer, this question is an excellent one to ask. Lawyers who boast about their win rates and promise positive results are likely to engage in unethical behaviour. Besides, lawyers who boast about their win rates and promise positive results to potential clients are guilty of cheating clients by duping them if they cannot win the case.

Will You Handle My Case, Or Will Someone Else?

Asking this is especially important if you’re interviewing large law firms. Many law firms will offer you a consultation with a well-respected attorney and then pass your case on to a paralegal or less experienced lawyer. You should know who your attorney is before you spend any money.

Are You Familiar with My Conditions?

This question is an excellent example of the benefits of working with an attorney who specializes in disability law. Because they don’t have to deal with dozens of different cases, they will be more familiar with your case and your insurer’s requirements. A strong disability attorney, even if they don’t have a lot of experience with your case, will probably have the skills and resources to grasp it quickly.


If The Claim Is Denied, Will There Be an Appeal?

There are many reasons why your claim could be denied, including an error in the submitted documentation. A good attorney will not accept “no” as an answer and will continue fighting for your right to disability benefits. Your attorney should review your case if your claim is denied. They will determine what the problem is and what they can do for you to get your appeal approved.

Some attorneys might advise you to find new representation in order to appeal your case. Make sure the attorney you select is qualified to handle both initial claims and subsequent appeals.

Final Words

When you consider the severe physical and psychological symptoms that you have, it can be difficult to file a disability claim. A disability attorney is necessary to represent you throughout the claims process.

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