3 Things That Can Hurt a Car Accident Victim’s Compensation Claim

A car accident is an unfortunate event, made even more so when it is caused by another person’s negligence or their inability to follow road traffic rules and regulations. Car accidents sometimes result in the death of some or all parties involved. 

Even when there are no deaths, car accident victims often suffer injuries ranging from mild to severe. It is usually left to the party who feels they’ve been wrongfully injured to hire a car accident lawyer to establish the other party’s negligence. 

However, once negligence is established, your car accident attorney can proceed to negotiate appropriate compensation for you depending on the severity of your injuries and other damages. 

It is important to note, however, that your compensation claim can be hindered by acts such as:

Neglecting to Call The Police

It is standard procedure to always call the authorities after a car crash, especially if you’re obviously injured and there is substantial damage to your car. In that case, you are expected to call the police and wait at the scene of the accident. Even if you are not visibly injured, that may be an indication of a hidden, more severe internal injury. 

The police must make a report of the accident, and your statement will be needed for that. It is important to note that the officer’s report will contain the information of who they believe is at fault for the accident. 

Furthermore, insurance companies use this as a method to deny compensation claims, therefore, if you neglect to call the police, you’re giving them more ammunition. 

Neglecting to Gather Evidence

Depending on the severity of your injuries, it may be possible, convenient even, to gather evidence after a car crash. If you’re able to do this, it’ll make your attorney’s job of establishing negligence much easier. 

Said evidence may be pictorial evidence of the crash, including your injuries and the damage to your automobile. In addition, you can document their view of the accident and/or obtain the contact information of the individuals present during the crash as part of the evidence. They may serve as valuable witnesses later on. 

Delaying Doctor’s Appointment/Stopping Medical Treatment

One of the most important things to do after a car crash is to get your injuries assessed and your general health evaluated by a doctor. Not only does this ensure your safety and prevent the aggravation of existing injuries, but failure to do this is also good news for the insurance company and the opposition’s legal team because they can argue that your injuries are a result of something other than the car crash. 

Also, at some point during the course of your treatment, you may feel the need to opt out of your treatment because you’re feeling better, or the treatment is painful and stressful. You mustn’t stop the treatment because the insurance company might argue that your injuries were not severe because you stopped the treatment early. 

In addition, seeing your treatment to its completion will help your attorney get a better idea of how much to request during negotiation. 

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