What are the most common causes of a motorcycle accident?

Motorcycle accidents are a common occurrence on the roads in the United States. This article will explain the causes of motorcycle accidents and what you can do if you have been in a motorcycle accident.

  • Unsafe lane changes:  Lane changes have the potential to be very dangerous as they involve other vehicles and motorcycles.
  • Unsafe passing: This occurs when motorists attempt to pass but fail to create a sufficient distance between them and the motorcycle in front of them.
  • Driver inattention: Inattentive drivers can cause accidents because they simply do not see the motorcycle or do not realize that it is there.
  • Impairment: If a driver has consumed alcohol [or] drugs before driving, this can impair his ability to drive and increase the likelihood of an accident happening. 
  • Distraction: A distracted driver puts everyone on the road at risk as he/she is not paying full attention to the road.
  • Improper turns: Drivers that fail to turn properly or make improper turns can cause accidents because they put other motorists at risk of being knocked over by the trailer hitch on their motorhome, for example.
  • Speeding: If a driver is going too fast, he/she may not have time to react when another vehicle does something unexpected.
  • Weather conditions: If there is a lot of rain, snow, or fog, this can increase the chances of a motorcycle being involved in an accident because drivers cannot see the motorcycle as well. 
  • Defective automobile parts: If a driver’s vehicle has defective parts, this can cause accidents because the driver may not have full control of the vehicle.
  • Distracted pedestrians: This occurs when a pedestrian talk on a cell phone or listens to music and does not notice that a motorcycle is passing by.
  • Unsafe motorcycle maintenance: If a motorbike is poorly maintained, it can increase the risk of an accident because it will be less reliable and could break down. 
  • Poor weather condition: The weather should not play a major role in causing accidents, but if there is ice or snow on the road surface, this can cause accidents to occur because it is harder for drivers and motorcyclists to see one another.
  • Improper motorcycle operation: If a driver improperly operates his/her vehicle, this can increase the chances of an accident occurring because he/she may lose control. 

Before discussing what to do after an accident, it is important to understand the two main ways in which you can seek compensation. The first way is through a tort claim (also known as a civil action). This occurs when another party has caused injury or death due to negligence or intentional misconduct, and you want them held liable for your suffering.

The second way of seeking compensation after suffering a personal injury is through insurance. You can seek compensation via your automobile or homeowner’s policy, for example. In addition, you may be entitled to benefits depending on the type of coverage you purchased with regards to property damage and liability, as well as underinsured motorist protection if you were the victim of an accident in which another driver did not have sufficient auto insurance coverage.

What to do after suffering a personal injury?

The dangers of motorcycle riding are gruesome. Personal injury attorneys are experienced in filing tort claims and can help you to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation available based on the circumstances surrounding your accident.  They will work with experts such as engineers, mechanics, and medical professionals who can provide important testimony during your case. Personal injury attorneys are also skilled at negotiating with parties who may have been negligent or responsible for causing the accident and can ensure that you receive a fair deal for your personal injuries. After a motorcycle accident or car accident in Gainesville or elsewhere, it is crucial that you contact an attorney as soon as possible for help and support.  The sooner you do this, the more likely you are to be compensated for your injuries.

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