When Do I Need A Lawyer For My Divorce?

As complex and messy as ending a marriage can be, the divorce proceedings can make it even more chaotic unless the parties cooperate and end on mutual understanding. However, most people do not understand how an attorney can help make their divorce more accessible and quicker. 

In this blog, we have put up a quick guide on how a Galveston divorce attorney can help out in various cases. 

  1. Situations of Abuse: Abuse, be it physical or mental or any other form or shape, can be a valid reason for applying for a divorce. In such circumstances, the victim of abuse needs to be kept in harm’s way to ensure that the proceedings get carried forward safely.
  1. Addiction: Alcohol and/or substance abuse negatively affect lives and can also be ground to make the marriage null and void. A divorce attorney may be needed in the splitting up process and can help out further if a child’s custody is involved.
  1. Child Custody: Divorce can be a very trying time for everyone, especially if minor children are involved. If either spouse doesn’t agree with the terms of the child’s custody, a lawyer must be used to mediate the situation.
  1. Alimony or Spousal Support: Alimony is the payment made by the spouse who earns higher in contrast to the spouse who is unemployed or earns less when in comparison for a specified period. Suppose there exists any disagreement concerning the payment of spousal maintenance; a divorce lawyer is needed.
  1. Asset Distribution: Any form of asset or wealth accumulated by the couple when they were married is treated as marital property or marital asset. Any conflict about its splitting could get very draining, and hence a divorce attorney would be needed.
  1. Marital Debt: Just like the assets in question, the liabilities also need to be allocated accordingly if there seems to be a disagreement about how it is to be split. Such a task can be handled with the help of a divorce lawyer.
  1. Already Hired Attorney: When a spouse already has hired an attorney, has filed for divorce, and served the other with a divorce file or paperwork, it is highly advisable to hire an experienced attorney who can advocate towards your benefits and best interests.
  1. Adultery: Cases involving infidelity and extramarital affairs can often be an uphill battle if not mutually resolved. A divorce attorney can facilitate speedy mediation that satisfies both parties without dragging the process through the mud.

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