5 Reasons to Hire a Lawyer After a Car Accident in Michigan

Do you know more than 1000 people were killed in car accidents in 2020 in Michigan alone? For the survivors, these car crashes can cause permanent, life-changing injuries.

After a car accident in Michigan, you may believe you can manage everything on your own. You may believe you are ready to deal with insurance companies and their claims processes. You might even feel prepared to take on the lawyers for the other driver or the insurer.

However, insurance companies frequently employ a team of lawyers who work tirelessly to pay you nothing or as little as they can. This is where a reputable attorney will save the day. The lawyer is adept with car accident claims and will hold your hand through the legal process.

Continue reading to learn 5 reasons to hire a lawyer after a car accident in Michigan.

1. In-depth Knowledge

A car accident attorney has been in the field for years. Through the years, they have represented numerous clients in car accident claims. They have learned the best practices in claim settlement to win clients fair compensation.

When working on your case, the auto accident lawyer will use their extensive experience and gather evidence to build a strong case. Also, they remind you of your rights and guide you through the complex claim process.

2. Evaluation of Your Claim

How much is your claim worth? Well, it’s difficult to answer this question if you don’t have prior experience.

After reviewing your case, the attorney will accurately estimate the value of your claim. They will factor in medical expenses, lost wages, as well as pain and suffering, to come up with the correct value. This ensures that you are not offered lowball amounts as compensation.

3. Legal Representation

If no fair compensation is agreed upon during out-of-court settlement, the claim will proceed to a trial. You already know how demanding a lawsuit can be, right?

Well, a competent lawyer, such as Lipton Law, will file your claim and represent you in a lawsuit. You don’t have to make regular court appearances, and you can recover from the accident well. Also, you have peace of mind knowing an expert is handling your case.

4. Dealing With Insurance Companies

In your car accident claim, you are likely to deal with an insurance company. However, this is an encounter you don’t want to undergo alone. The attorney already knows the tips and tricks used by these companies to deny victims compensation.

Working with a skilled attorney implies the insurance company won’t exploit you. They will reward you substantial compensation, and if they don’t, the case proceeds to a lawsuit.

5. Limitation Periods

Do you know there is a limitation on when you can file a car accident claim? Yes, delaying too much can invalidate your claim denying you any compensation.

Statute of limitations vary with state and keep on changing. However, an auto accident attorney understands all the laws surrounding claims in Michigan. They offer the best legal guidance to ensure your case isn’t invalidated for any reason.

Hire a Lawyer After Car Accident in Michigan Today

The aftermath of a car accident in Michigan is devastating for everyone involved. However, a reputable auto accident attorney will help you to know the available legal remedies and the best course of action.

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