Suppose you are hurt at work or become handicapped, and your employer has disability insurance through Connecticut. In that case, you should be eligible to use the plan’s benefits by the guidance of a Hartford wage and hour attorney. If you have made a claim and have been delayed or refused, don’t give up. There are methods to guarantee you have enough coverage while unemployed.


It is a vast publicly listed firm with approximately $18 billion in sales last fiscal year. They provide insurance options ranging from car to disability.


The Hartford short-term disability claim form contains four parts that must be completed:

  • Company Statement: This area must be filled by the business or a representative. The first portion will question the employer or agent for the employee’s employment details, such as hiring date, pay, work schedule, and job duties. Another section will inquire about the employee’s current brief disability plan and if they had previously participated in an employer-sponsored disability plan. The employer or representative must complete the claim form, which includes questions concerning the employee’s final day of work, if the employee’s condition was job-related, whether a Workers’ Compensation claim was made, and when the employee is scheduled to return.
  • Employee Quote: The employee must complete this part. The first phase will request personal data. The following sections will inquire whether the claim is due to an accident, sickness, or pregnancy. More questions concerning increased disability payments will be asked. The employee will next be questioned about their impairment.
  • Authorization To Collect And Release Data: By signing this section, the employee consents to transfer their medical records to the Hartford firms specified on the form. Although this section details the requested documents, the release is relatively wide.
  • Attending Physician’s Note: The employee’s doctor should fill out this part. Questions include the employee’s medical history, diagnosis, treatment, and limits.

The employee should browse beyond the natural form and look at Hartford’s example. A fully completed form with side comments is shown.


This form contains four parts and one subsection. The long-term disability form in Hartford asks for the same information as the short-term form. They are:

  • Company Statement: Like the short-term form, this part requires the employer to fill out the information on the employee and the claim. But there are distinctions. The long-term form also asks the employer or representative whether they have a pension plan and rehire the disabled employee.
  • Group Life Insurance Waiver Benefits: The employee and representative must also complete this part. Is there a Hartford pension plan? If so, the form requests further information.
  • Employee Quote: This portion is identical to the short-term form, although it is longer. There are questions concerning the employee, their spouse and children, the handicap, doctors and hospitals, and other sources of income.
  • Authorization To Collect And Release Data: This section is identical to the short-term form. While they reveal the papers they want, the official launch is vast.
  • Admission Disability Statement: Questions regarding the employee, prognosis, treatment, and disability must be addressed here.

Employees may now file a long-term disability rating through The Courant At Work. If you need help filling out an application, one of our attorneys can assist you.


If Hartford denies your disability claim, contact Osterhout Greenberg Disability Law. Any required appeals may be filed by one of our talented attorneys.


If one of your Connecticut insurance claims was refused and you were asked about your handicap, referred to a doctor by Hartford, or had your health files forwarded to a doctor by Hartford, you probably need a disability lawyer. Other strategies used by Hartford to deny your claim may not stand up in court. A disability lawyer may assist in appealing a denial of your claim.


If your claim was refused, Hartford should have notified you in writing. The postmark date is essential since you only have a specific number of days to submit an appeal. The refusal letter may provide the appeal deadline. Make sure your request is detailed and well-written. Our attorneys can help you appeal a refused claim from start to finish.

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