Top Reckless Mistakes Men Make In Divorce 

People usually think men are tough and get over divorces quickly. However, separating from your legal spouse can be a messy and emotional process, whether you are a man or woman. Men, too, get depressed over their spouses filing for divorce and have difficulty coping with the situation. In fact, men usually make a few silly mistakes in a divorce. 

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Top reckless mistakes men make in divorce

  1. Negative retaliation. 

When they learn that their wife has filed for a divorce, many men become angry and decide to take revenge. If you do this, it can affect child custody arrangements and potentially put criminal charges on you. Do not bad-mouth your wife, especially in front of your kids. These things only make you look worse and give your wife more proof against you. 

  1. Withholding child support. 

It is not new to see angry ex-husbands use child support as another battleground to take revenge for the divorce. Many men threaten their ex-wives to reduce or stop child support payments if they do not get their way. They may send the cheques late every month or send less than the decided amount. This does harm not only your children but also invites legal punishments. 

  1. Not taking their wife seriously. 

When your wife says that she wants a divorce, chances are she has already made up her mind. Not taking her words seriously and not preparing yourself for the divorce will only cause more damage. In case your wife retains an attorney, she will know what steps she needs to take and what her rights are. When this happens, you cannot afford to waste time. You must hire an attorney as well to make sure you do not lose your rights to child custody, asset division, etc. 

  1. Denying negotiation. 

It is better to engage in an uncontested divorce than a contested one so that you both can save time and money. When you let your anger limit your ability to think reasonably, it will increase the divorce costs. Not only that, if the divorce goes to court, your wife might even get what she was asking for. Therefore, all your retaliation would be for nothing. 

  1. Believing judges favor mothers. 

Many people, including both females and males, believe in the myth that judges are likely to favor the mothers in custody decisions. While this may have been the case a few years ago, the norms have changed now. The judge views both the father and the mother as equally important in a child’s life. Fathers hold the same right over their kids as a mother does.

Divorce is difficult, and even the most reasonable man can sometimes become irrational. As a man, if you do not avoid these mistakes, you could lose your assets and your children both. Call an attorney for help. 

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