Must know facts about your employment after a criminal charge in New York

A single moment of anguish can turn life upside down. You wonder how a typical day can turn into a nightmare, and all the dreams and ambitions go by the drain. In New York, you might lose a job if the charge is serious. Contact a criminal defense lawyer near Watkins Glen, NY, to know your rights.

How does the criminal charge affect your employment?

While giving that interview for your dream job, an employer talking about a background check can make you overwhelmed after you have been through a criminal charge. But the latest civil law does not allow an employer to decide on employment based on criminal charges.

 Unless the charge is severe or if there is a direct connection between both, the applicant poses any risk to people and property. An employer cannot ask for your arrest history while doing a background check.

There are no. factors that the employer should consider:

1) What are the no. of convictions and how much time has passed since the convictions?

2) What are the facts surrounding the conviction?

3) Rehabilitation efforts and status.

Despite considering all these factors, if the employer still doesn’t hire, he has to notify the employee and a possible appeal to the decision.

Essentially you should avoid getting convicted, and an experienced attorney will help you through the process.

How can a traffic ticket affect your employment?

A traffic ticket to a commercial driver can affect his employment since it is directly related to the nature of the job. However, some can pay for the ticket and be done with it, but it can affect the livelihoods of some. An employer hiring a commercial driver has strict rules and could lead the driver to get fired from the job as per the number of permissible traffic tickets or zero-tolerance rule.

Traffic tickets pose problems to commercial drivers and people who have to drive in their regular work. 

However, paying for the ticket would mean admitting guilt. And this, in turn, can have a significant effect on your employment.


If you accept your conviction in both the above scenarios, there are severe implications on employment. However, you can avoid any of these hassles if you appoint an attorney who will support and help you through this and preserve your rights for your future employment opportunities.

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