Lawyer in Jerusalem, Israel

The David Page Law office in Jerusalem provides a full array of services for any legal needs in regarding Israeli and/or American law 

Legal Assistance

David Page Law is an Israeli-American lawyer in Jerusalem, Israel who can assist you with any legal needs regarding Israeli law, American law or in cases where the two legal systems converge. David Page Law has extensive experience in all areas of business and financial law including

  • wills
  • trusts
  • estates and probate
  • residential and commercial real estate (including TAMA 38 investments and due diligence)
  • corporate law
  • intellectual property (including obtaining patents and trademarks)
  • labor and employment law (including regulatory compliance in the environmental and medical arenas)
  • more


As a lawyer licensed to practice law in both New York and in Israel, David Page Law is uniquely suited to help people who need assistance in multi-national legal matters. This might include issues involving writing wills or trusts that will be accepted by the courts in both countries, filing for patents or trademarks that will protect your rights to your intellectual property, helping to draw up contracts that will be enforceable in both countries and other subjects that require a deep knowledge of the law in both the United States and in Israel.

Real Estate Transactions

Individuals looking to buy, rent or improve property can turn to the David Page Law, lawyer in Jerusalem, Israel for all issues involving real estate. Renters and property owners can bring in contracts for review to ensure that the rights and interests of all sides are protected in a rental agreement.

People who want to buy a property can rely on the David Page lawyer in Jerusalem, Israel to prepare and review documents relating to the purchase agreements, perform any needed title searches, prepare mortgage documents, write title insurance policies and handle transfer of funds. David Page law will ensure that the entire transfer is legal, binding and in the client’s best interests.

Corporate and Business Law

As a specialist in corporate and business law David Page Law in Jerusalem, Israel safeguards the legality of commercial transactions including transactions that take place between two Israeli bodies and between two parties where one party is in the United States and the other party is in Israel.

David Page Law works in all areas of tax law, bankruptcy, zoning, securities and intellectual property law, representing companies and corporations while advising all parties on their responsibilities and legal duties. The David Page Law Office can help negotiate and write up contracts, facilitate mergers, assist start-ups find capital to build or expand, file for patents and trademarks and more.


Many of the tasks that David Page Law carries out can be facilitated by Internet forms or other solutions but these forms don’t protect you legally in event of a misfiling, mis-information or legal challenge. Legal advisors strongly suggest that you turn to a licensed and experienced Law Office to make sure that your rights are protected in all circumstances. David Page Law provides all of the legal know-how and experience to safeguard you and your interests. 

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