Common Types of Car Accidents To Be Aware Of

Being safe on the road is what we all want, and whilst you can never guarantee that you’ll avoid an accident, taking care of your own driving style can at least reduce the risk of it happening. Something which many drivers however are not aware of, are the various types of accidents which can take place on our roads. If you are a driver then knowing about these various kinds of accidents can help you to stay that little bit safer when you get behind the wheel of a car, as you will be at least prepared for the risks which exist.

Sometimes accidents cannot be avoided, they are called ‘accidents’ after all, so it heps to remain calm and know exactly what you should do in the event of a collision with a third party. Follow these steps to make your insurance claim faster and pain free so you can get on with your life and leave the professionals to sort things out for you. Let’s take a look at some of the common accidents which take place on our roads.

T-Bone Accident

These accidents are often caused when drivers pull out at junctions when there is no time to do so. The result of this is a crash which sees the front end of one car go into the side of another. If you have been involved in this accident then seek out a specialist t-bone accident lawyer who can help you with your compensation claim.

Rear End Collisions

Most often we see that rear end collisions are caused because of tailgating. It is recommended that you leave a distance of 3 seconds between your car and the car in front, and these are the accidents which that recommendation seeks to help you avoid. There is no telling when the car in front will need to quickly apply its brakes, which is why you should make sure that there is plenty of space between you and them.

Head On

As you can probably imagine, head on collisions are some of the most dangerous on our roads, because of the speed which both cars are traveling at. The speed is compounded by the fact that both cars are driving towards one another. These accidents are usually caused when cars look to overtake when it is not safe to do so.

Side Swipes

These accidents are when one car clips the side of another which is waiting to maneuver or which is stationary. Most often these are the result of a driver failing to check their blind spot. We also see these kinds of accidents occur when a car is moving from a stationary position into the road, and fails to properly make sure that it is safe to pull out.

Single Vehicle Accidents

Single vehicle accidents are more common than you may realize, and usually involve one vehicle which hits a stationary object. This could be a lamppost, road construction equipment or anything else which the driver has failed to see. Most often these accidents are caused because of drivers who are distracted.

Now that you know what the most common types of accidents are, you can take steps to avoid getting involved in them when you are behind the wheel.

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