When Should You Contact an Employment Lawyer and Ask for Justice?

During your professional life, you might have to face several problems related to workplace safety, discrimination, injury, and even wages and benefits. In the event of these incidents, the human resource department plays a vital role.  The first point of contact should be the manager and then, the hierarchy goes up like that. However, if you believe that your company is not paying heed to the repeated requests made by you, it is time to move on and contact a Hackensack employment lawyer. He can help you in dealing with a number of cases. 

Working with an attorney- When is the Right Time?

It is suggested to contact an attorney when you feel that things are not in your favor. The best way to resolve the problem is to report to your manager or boss to look into the matter. In case of any misunderstanding, your employer ensures that you and another party reach the settlement. If the problem is related to wages and benefits, the employer should ensure that the issue gets resolved as per the rules, guidelines, and employment laws. If nothing else works out, it is suggested to contact an attorney and explain to him the situation.

If you have hired an attorney, he will send the legal notice to your employer or the liable party. The employer will be given some time to respond to the notice. In many cases, settlement can happen between parties. The employer can also agree with the terms and conditions of the employee. If it does not happen, a lawsuit can be filed against the employer.

Benefits of contacting an attorney

If you have hired an attorney, you can have enormous benefits. Some of these ones can be elaborated as below:

  • Protecting your rights as an employee- One of the most important benefits is that your rights as an employee will be protected. The company cannot stop you or discriminate against you if you have filed the case. You can go to work as usual until the final decision is taken.
  • Assessing the facts- Without an attorney, it will be difficult for you to establish the liability. An attorney can assess the facts of the case and ensure that the case stands valid.
  • Attending hearings on your behalf- You can continue attending your work while the lawyer will attend the court.

A lawyer can simplify things for you and help you in the best possible manner. 

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