Notary Lawyer in Jerusalem, Israel

Jerusalem’s population is far from monochromatic and to oversimplify, one can say it’s dichotomous as far as levels of education and literacy. That said, however, even the modestly educated of its inhabitants knows to take care of business in a thorough manner and not leave loopholes that can render important documents void. The prudent citizen will go to a lawyer in Jerusalem, Israel, even if all papers seem to be in order. All documents that pertain to acquisitions, disposals, divestitures, etc., have to be validated and the most common form of validation is notarization. Translated documents to be used in any official capacity, like presentation before foreign authorities of any kind, also have to be notarized.

  1. Notary Lawyer in Jerusalem, Israel

In Israel, a notary is an accredited lawyer with at least 10 years of experience. Because of the great responsibility of the work of a notary public in Israel, said lawyers’ background must be clear and certified by the Israeli Bar Association Ethics Committee. An Israeli notary must also successfully complete a course to be licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Justice. This is very different from notaries in the United States and the price is also much higher.

Any Israeli citizen, or any visiting foreign citizen who needs a notarized signature on any document that has to be submitted in Israel, can get notary services. The offices of David Page, a lawyer in Jerusalem, Israel, who studied and is also licensed in the United States of America, as well as Israel, can provide you with meticulous notary services for all your authentication needs.

  1. Documents that Will Require Authentication by Notary
  • Signatures
  • Copies of Documents
  • Declarations
  • Life Certification = To prove that the party who is to receive any benefits, is still alive.
  • Public Documents
  • Expert Medical Opinion, Diagnosis, Report – By a licensed medical doctor, who will be required to appear before the notary lawyer in Jerusalem, Israel, with all proper identification, i.e. ID, proof of address, and proof of workplace
  1. When You Authenticate Signatures in Israel
  • Minors under 18 years of age require a guardian’s signature or authorization from a court of law.
  • In cases where documents are in a foreign language that is unfamiliar to any party who has to understand them, a translation and translator’s declaration of authentication must be attached. The translator’s declaration must clearly state that the translator is fluent in both languages and that the translation is accurate and as close as possible to the original text. For example, in Jerusalem, a lawyer in Israel can authenticate the translation by notarizing it.
  1. When you Authenticate Copies
  • All applicants have to present official, proper identification:
    • Passport
    • ID card
    • Driver’s license

One manner of identification should be submitted, together with the original documents to be authenticated. The lawyer in Jerusalem, Israel, who is a notary, will make sure that the copy is identical to the original and then and only then will the notary put his or her stamp on the document.

  1. To Authenticate a Declaration

Any and all applicants must show proper identification, and any writ in a language foreign to anyone who will have to read and understand it, will have to be translated.

  1. Always Remember

Never make light of procedures for authenticating any document by notary. Always protect yourself and your interests by consulting a lawyer in Jerusalem, Israel.

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