The purpose of an inspiration board

An inspiration board is a collection of pictures, sorted out by theme in one place. The aim of such tool is to clearly see what you are going for while making a project. It is much easier to make a concept by yourself, rather than surfing the Web in hope of finding what you need. In this article we will discuss the purpose of inspiration board templates. Also, what should be on a board and where to make it. 

Is there a difference between a moodboard and an inspiration board

But isn’t that what a moodboard is for? If a moodboard is a vague concept of what will be in a final result, an inspiration board includes specific elements. You build an idea for your future work by creating an atmosphere with a moodboard and finish it with an inspiration board. For a better understanding:

  • a moodboard – is a concept, feeling, creates the overall shape of an idea;
  • an inspiration board – shows the details, textures, specifics. It is a reference or an inspirational source for a project or an event. 

Both boards can be arranged the same, but the purpose is different. 

How do you know if you need an inspiration board

If you are an interior designer and discussing a project with clients, this tool may come in handy. It is much better to see by yourself what you want to do rather than describe it. It establishes a strong foundation for your work and helps to correct it if there is a need. You can use a board for almost anything:

  • planning events;
  • creating corporate identity;
  • makeup, manicure, hairstyle ideas;
  • updating the wardrobe;
  • interior;
  • photoshoot;
  • basically any project.

You can make an inspiration board by yourself, using any graphic editor – Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. However, you will have to spend hours framing your board, making templates, and being confused by the results. Or, you can make it by using free premade templates, for instance, on All you have to do is open the editor on the website, choose the right template and upload pictures. Also, here, by looking at templates, you can find inspiration for your future board. 

What a good inspiration board should include

It should include any details for your future project. Textures, words with explanations, photoshoots, color swatches and illustrations. Here you don’t limit yourself by adding as many elements as you wish. If you’re working with clients or a team you will show it and discuss the final product. It is important to figure out how it should look and make adjustments before release. 

The final product

So now you know how to make an inspiration board and what to do with it. This will save you time and nerves without spending hours discussing what should be in the final result. An imagination board is a perfect tool to organize your thoughts in right direction. 

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