Calculating the Worth of Personal Injury Claim- How To Increase It?

Personal injuries are serious injuries that can interrupt one’s life to a great extent. They need to be treated well on time so that you can get back to normal life as soon as possible. However, it may not be as easy as it may seem because you need to contact a personal injury lawyer in Queens to handle the legal complexities. The person or company, who is responsible for your condition, should pay for the medical bills and expenses associated with injuries.

Calculating economic injuries

These injuries are the wounds and injuries that you have received on your body after the accident. It is easy to calculate them through the medical bills including the costs of tests done. If you want to get fair compensation, you should keep these bills with you at the time of consulting an attorney. It will be much easier for him to give you a fair idea of what the worth of your claim is. Additionally, any property damage can be evaluated with the value of the property and the costs associated with its repair.

Evaluation of non-economic damages

Many a time, injuries cannot be calculated in figures because it is impossible to figure out the compensation for someone’s pain. No matter how expert we are, we can never feel the pain of another person. Even in the court, the judges do not have a chart to give compensation for someone’s pain. Some of the elements of these damages are:

Physical pain: It is the actual body pain that a person has to go through due to the injury or the medical treatment that he has been receiving. For instance, he might experience severe pain if his bone has been fractured in an accident. The doctor’s report can help lawmen award the compensation.

Mental pain and suffering- It has been observed that people stay in depression after the accident for several months. They are not able to come out from the shock and live a normal life. The attorney can give a clear idea of what should be the best amount to be awarded if the person has gone into the depression after the accident.  Some of its symptoms may include anger, lack of sleep and appetite, and mood swings. It also affects his or her personal life to a great extent.

If you are planning to file a claim, you should always start by consulting a lawyer. 

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