How to Hire a Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer

In the event of a charge of driving under the influence of alcohol, the assistance of a lawyer is strongly recommended. A lawyer is familiar with the criminal code and the laws, as well as all the procedures concerning the arrest of a person for driving while impaired.

Your lawyer can first verify that the police authorities who made your arrest have complied with their duties and obligations and thus ensure the validity of the arrest. The lawyer will ensure that all of your rights have been respected in the process.

They will also be able to defend you if you have refused to comply with a test using an approved roadside screening device or a movement coordination assessment. Of course, depending on the case and the evidence against you, a complete acquittal may occur. With the right lawyer, you can get a lighter sentence or lenient penalties. 

DUI Defense law firm Goldman & Associates has the right lawyers to defend you in the event of a drunk driving charge. Choosing the right attorney to defend in such a case can be somewhat difficult. Here is how to pick the best.

Consider the Experience

As in all professions, the experience will make a difference. The number of cases handled by a lawyer will have a great influence on how he will accompany you in this process. Many young lawyers are already very professional and talented and may be the preferred option if your case is less complex and involves lower stakes. However, if your case affects important aspects of your life, we strongly advise you to put your case in the hands of an experienced lawyer.

Expertise in Drunk Driving Laws

Before choosing a lawyer or law firm, you need to check their area of ​​expertise. Indeed, there are many branches of law, and selecting the firm that has specific knowledge of your type of case is your best option. Criminal law is quite broad, so you should look for a lawyer specializing in drunk driving cases only. Make sure they have the much-needed experience in this field. 

Success in Previous Drunk Driving Cases

Another criterion to consider when choosing a lawyer is to find out about the successful drunk driving cases in which it has been involved. This point is not always easy to verify because not all law firms use the same means of communication.

Some firms are also at the heart of high-profile cases, for example, because of the notoriety of the protagonists. But you won’t hear about all those that have escaped the media, which nevertheless required meticulous preparatory work.

We advise you to go on the internet to see which firms have already been confronted with cases similar to yours and how they got away with it. You can also contact the firm(s) that interest you the most to present your case. 

Trust in the Drunk Driving Lawyer

There must be a relationship of total trust between the client and his lawyer to obtain good results. The trust of both parties is the basis of success.

The client should expose to his lawyer all the most confidential information to build a strategy and avoid surprises in the middle of the legal process. The lawyer must be candid about the chances of success, the risks, and the steps taken during the procedure. He must also submit to the code of ethics of lawyers, for example, by ensuring the confidentiality of the information received.

References can also help you know if you can trust a lawyer. You will have no trouble finding out more about a lawyer’s reputation through the internet.

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