Reasons why you should retain a DUI lawyer

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Driving under the influence doesn’t only pose a great danger to the people you love but can also lead to a jail term of not being slapped with hefty fines and humiliation. That is why you must always retain a DUI Lawyer from experienced law firms such as the Shrum Law Office to help you deal with the consequences of drunk driving. And since drunk driving seldom goes unpunished, a reputable lawyer knows the nitty-gritty that can help the situation play to your advantage. Thereafter, you can avoid losing important things like a driving license or even a job. Remember, the charges are always against you regardless of whether you are innocent or guilty unless the court drops them.

So, what are the other reasons that should prompt you to retain a DWI lawyer? Well, they include but aren’t limited to the following:

  • Legal rules and standards

There are various legal rules and standards that surround DIU charges, and they differ from state to state. If you aren’t keen, the prosecution can downplay some of these procedures and force you into impromptu urinal tests. Missing a test can land you in serious legal trouble such as probation revocation or jail term.

  • Skip ignition interlock devices

Do you want to go through the embarrassment of starting the car with an ignition interlock device in front of the kids? Remember, these devices can be installed in your car for up to one year once found guilty. You’ll have to blow into the device every time you want to start the car. The worst thing is that they are expensive to acquire and install as the courts don’t provide them.

  • Insurance

Most insurance firms will charge higher premiums for about three years if their client is slapped with DIU charges. In the worst scenario, the insurance coverage might also be terminated, depending on the case’s outcome. An experienced attorney will ensure that you get lesser charges that will unlikely attract the insurance company’s attention.

  • Probation

Many jurisdictions will require DIU offenders to report to a probation officer for up to ninety days. Probation can be humiliating and embarrassing, especially if society holds you in high regard. Moreover, it can be expensive in the long run if you have to travel to a far location just to have an appointment with your officer. The right lawyer will ensure that the option of probation is off the table as far as the punishment is concerned. Lawyers know how to argue for leniency and favorable terms of punishment.

  • Witness statements

Lastly, you don’t have to be guilty to face DIU charges. Some people end up being caught up in offenses because of being situated in the wrong place at the wrong time. If that is the case with your scenario, a DWI lawyer will ensure that all witness statements are prepared to exonerate you. The lawyer will also cross-examine all the witnesses called to the stand by the prosecution side. In other words, if you are innocent, you are better off beating the case with a lawyer compared to none.

Drinking Under the Influence is a serious crime that could disrupt the lives of your loved ones for years if not properly handled. Moreover, no one would prefer doing time for an avoidable cause. All you need to do is pick that phone and ring a DUI lawyer when the circumstances demand so.

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