Here Are The Top Signs Of A Bad Divorce Lawyer

Even if you and your spouse are the most understanding couple in the world, your divorce can still be stressful. A divorce includes spending a lot of money, fighting for assets, and child custody, handling which can be complicated. Perhaps the worst part about all of it is not having the shoulder of the person who was the closest to you. 

When you do not have the support of your spouse anymore, you need a good divorce lawyer from Coil Law to make sure everything goes smoothly and as planned. It is not surprising that hiring a bad lawyer or changing your lawyers in between can affect your case significantly. Therefore, you must learn how to identify them. 

Top signs of a bad divorce lawyer

  1. They miss deadlines. 

One of the most important things that your lawyer is supposed to protect you from is missing deadlines. Missing deadlines for filing important documents or missing court hearings could result in severe consequences for your case. There are no excuses for a lawyer who is so irresponsible. 

  1. There are no positive reviews. 

No lawyer will speak ill about their services. They will always tell you that they can make you win the case. You need to pay attention to their former clients’ words rather than believing them blindly. You could ask around or go online to read reviews of that lawyer. If you find negative or no reviews, chances are their services are not as good as they claim. 

  1. They are always late. 

Court hearings or other important legal meetings do not wait for anyone. If your lawyer is constantly late to these meetings, it is a bad sign. Your lawyer is not your doctor to make you wait for hours past the appointment time. You cannot afford to make the judge or other officials wait. 

  1. They lack courtroom experience. 

Not all legal cases are held in courtrooms. For a divorce lawyer to be good, they need to have courtroom experience if your case goes to court. During the initial meeting with your lawyer, ask them what courtroom experience they have and how often they go to court. 

  1. They seem absent-minded. 

It is possible that your case is not the only one your lawyer may be handling at one time. However, this does not give them a pass to forget important details. It is a major red flag if your lawyer keeps mixing up facts. 

To save your divorce case from going downhill, you must identify the warning signs of a bad lawyer and change your lawyer when there is still time left. Changing attorneys in-between cases can create more hassle for you and slow down the progression of the case. Therefore, one must invest time and energy in searching for the best lawyer in town. 

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